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Amazing Challenge!

Taking steps toward better health can have some Amazing results!  This year, the wellness program is inviting you to join the 2014 Amazing Challenge, where better health isn't just a destination-- it's a lifelong journey. 

The Amazing Challenge begins on January 1st and ends on October 31st, 2014! 

How do I get started?

Starting December 16, you’ll register online by clicking on the Join Today box to the right and entering the Group ID: LHSW.  A person can sign up for the Amazing Challenge anytime throughout the challenge year. 

To register a team, the captain must supply the name and email address of each team member.  The fee is free for employees.

Upon completion of registration, each team member, including the captain, who was registered with a correct email address, will receive a confirmation email from Live Healthy America that contains their own unique username and password.

For ALL questions you may have with this site, please DO NOT contact the Scott & White Help Desk. Please contact Live Healthy America at 888-282-0822.

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